The inspirational story of Walter Tull, a black professional footballer in the early 1900s, who went on to fight in the First World War. Walter was only the second black player in football league history when he played for Tottenham Hotspur in 1909. During his time in the army, Walter progressed into the officer ranks, but was killed in France in 1918.

This clip incorrectly mentions that Walter Tull was awarded the Military Cross.

This clip is from:
Primary History, Black Britons 2
First broadcast:
25 May 2007

Students could research Walter Tull and write a short biography for him. Students could write a newspaper or match report about the Tottenham Hotspur football game, ensuring they include the reaction of the fans. Students could also write a diary entry as Walter Tull on the day of his Tottenham Hotspur football game. How did he feel about the reaction of the fans?