A day at a primary school in Marseille, including lessons and games. We see children at school from the beginning of the school day to the end. Includes a grammar lesson where children are asked to identify adjectives. Children also express opinions about their favourite lessons, playtime with games, their favourite books in the library, and lessons in the computer suite.

This clip is from:
Being French
First broadcast:
6 March 2009

Before watching the clip, pupils could be asked to make a short list of the possible differences between primary schools in France and England. Pupils can be asked to tick the guesses from their list as they watch the clip. Pupils can discuss the following: What is the first lesson? What animal do they draw in their Art lesson? What games do they play at break? Pupils could carry out a simple survey about their classmates' favourite books and compare with the responses in the clip. Pupils could be encouraged to find out more about Manga comics. Pupils could compare the subjects taught, the facilities and routines. They could also discuss their feelings about the lack of uniform in French schools.