Sergeant Stubby was a dog born in America during 1916 or 1917 when the war was already going on. Stubby went on to become a very brave soldier and won a lot of medals before he reached the age of two. Nobody knows exactly when Stubby was born, but he was found in Connecticut in the United States of America when he wandered across an army training session in 1917. He made friends with all of the soldiers. One soldier especially liked him. His name was Corporal Robert Conroy. Conroy named him Stubby because of his short tail. The USA joined the war in this year and Conroy had to go and fight. He really did not want to leave Stubby behind and smuggled him onto the ship taking him to France. Stubby was taken all the way to the Western Front, right into the middle of all the fighting. Stubby warned soldiers when he smelt gas, pointed his tail in the direction of approaching enemy soldiers and barked for help when he found wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Stubby lived with Corporal Conroy after the war and died in 1926. He is remembered for helping so many soldiers during the difficulties of World War One.

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The children could research and write about other celebrated animals who have helped in difficult times including the many anonymous horses, pigeons, ponies, donkeys and dogs put to work on the front line. These could also be remembered as part of Remembrance assemblies, activities or services taking part in the school. A display celebrating the many unsung heroes of the Great War could be created.