A short and easy to follow introduction to Lowry's style of painting and choice of subject matter narrated by Lowry himself. The artist explains his technique, how he selects his subject matter and what he is trying to capture through his work.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Primary, Art History
First broadcast:
19 March 2010

Lowry’s work is highly accessible to younger children and creates lots of opportunities for discussing subject matter. Looking closely at his works and asking questions such as “Who might this be?”, “What is he doing?”, “What do you think is happening here?” will help children to unfold the story within the picture and inspire their imaginations. This could be followed by encouraging them to create their own Lowry-style scene, perhaps by rearranging a cut-up version of an original print and rearranging the figures and subject matter as they see fit. With some assistance and by re-watching sections of the clip, they can recreate their own Lowry figures in paint and progress onto landscape features as and when appropriate. By encouraging spatial awareness of their surroundings and taking an interest in looking closely at everyday objects and situations, children can learn to take ideas and inspiration from almost any situation before recreating it in their own way.