While competing in a game show called 'The greatest science investigator of all time', famous scientists from history describe their life's work and explain why they deserve the title. On this show it's the turn of Edward Jenner, who tells the story of how he discovered the smallpox vaccine.

First broadcast:
10 October 2007

View the clip and ask the class: "Do you think Edward Jenner was right to experiment on an eight-year-old boy?" Allow individuals to put their different points of view, asking questions of your own to ensure a balanced discussion. After the discussion, the class could vote on whether they think Jenner was justified in his actions. Ask pupils if they can list any diseases they have been vaccinated against. Arrange a visit from your school nurse, who can tell the class more about the vaccinations they have received and the diseases from which they are protected. Does this knowledge affect the children's view of Jenner?