Designer Alexander Taylor takes us through the design and development of his Fold Lamp. This is a good example of modelling at the development stage.

First broadcast:
30 November 2007

This clip could be used to illustrate how modelling and prototyping can aid the design of a new product. It could also be used to show students how their work relates to the industrial design world.
As a practical activity, students could be given a design brief to create a new lamp. Before generating ideas, encourage students to consider their target audience and competition (recording their research into a sketchbook). Students could then develop their idea using various techniques (thought showers, mind maps, mood boards). As in the clip, manufacture should be considered in terms of simplicity, speed of production and cost. Students may choose to design using only one material, or may decide to use existing off-the-shelf components in a new way. As an additional criteria, students could consider the environmental impact of their design, carrying out a cradle-to-cradle analysis of their product.
Once students are happy with their design, they could prepare their model to be translated into a CAD drawing. During the design process, encourage students to self and peer-critique.