Students are challenged to work out which is the best value paint pot from a range of different sized pots. After hearing how much each pot costs, the students must work out which pot offers the best value for money. The presenter suggests a solution to the problem.

First broadcast:
14 September 2007

Pause the clip showing all pots of paint and their prices. Ask the class how we could work out the pot that is the best value for money? Recap on multiplying and dividing by 10 if needed. Ask the class to look at the first pot of paint. It is £7.50 for one litre. "How many ml are there in one litre?" So if it's £7.50 for 1000ml how much will it cost for 100ml? Show the class that they must divide 1000 by 10 to get 100 ml so they must also divide £7.50 by 10 to get the price. Continue with the other pots of paint or allow the pupils to work through independently if they feel confident doing so.