After a decade of planning and at a cost of £106 million, the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay opened in November 2004. A news report on the official opening and a tour of the building to meet some of the organisations that will use the centre.

This is a Welsh language clip.

This clip is from:
BBC Cymru, Dysgu

This clip can be used to present facts about the Wales Millennium Centre as a unit of work on the theme of Welsh culture. A listening and comprehension task based on the clip could be set and a vocabulary sheet distributed to the pupils. The clip is a starting point for a discussion about Cardiff as the capital of Wales and its national and international importance. It can also be used as a unit of work on the theme of area, focusing on Cardiff and the attractions found there. It presents an opportunity to set a research task and ask students to discover information about other resources and attractions in Cardiff and to compare the local area with the capital city.