Downtown Beijing is full of shops and there are a few streets where they offer more traditional arts and crafts, such as Liulichang. Rongbaozhai, the most famous art shop, sells exquisite paintings with heavy Buddhist and Daoist influences. Specialising in something completely different is Tongrentang, a famous chain store that sells all sorts of Chinese medicines, still preferred by many to Western pills.

Students can practise how to communicate in Chinese when they want to buy something. They need to use the same language structure as the clip, for example: I want to buy - “wo xiang mai”, I like - “wo xi huan” and how much - “duo shao qian?” Help the students generate their own ideas about what to say when they want to buy something, such as: can you make it cheaper? - “pian yi dian xing ma?”. Invite some students to demonstrate the conversation in front of the class.