How to pay with a £2 coin and receive change. A clown is buying things with a £2 coin. Some items cost less than £2 so change is needed. The clown shows combinations of £2. How much money is needed to buy a hat and a toy rabbit?

This clip is from:
Numbertime, Money: Up to £2
First broadcast:
3 November 2000

For the purpose of interactivity and engagement in the subject matter, this could be used as a starter activity and pupils could play along with the guessing game. The clip could be paused each time the clown gives a visual clue as to the product he is looking for and pupils could be asked to guess what it is. Once it is revealed, the clip can be paused again and pupils asked whether change would be given from £2 according to the price of the product. After watching once, pupils can then be given toy money and, upon a second viewing, asked to follow along themselves, giving the correct change each time an item is revealed.