A UK report recommended free personal care but was not picked up by government in Westminster or Holyrood. The Scottish Parliament's Community Health and Care Committee began an enquiry, which came out very strongly in favour of the recommendations. The strength of the committee system combined with the concensus opinion of MSPs was enough to change the Executive's position. Now, under the Community Care and Health Act, personal care for the elderly is free in Scotland.

First broadcast:
11 December 2003

Students could watch the clip to get an idea of the importance of committees, and persuading the government to act on information. Organise the students into groups and choose a particular health issue. The students can then become the expert committee on that issue and have to come up with a persuasive argument for the government to force them to address that issue. The argument could be presented to the rest of the class, who would be able to vote on whether they have been persuaded or not.