A young girl who was being bullied by her friend explains how eventually she found the courage to confide in a teacher and how the situation was dealt with. Since then the bully has seen the error of her ways and as a result is now a friendly, pleasant and polite girl liked by everyone.

This clip is from:
Watch, Bullying
First broadcast:
19 November 2007

Students could be asked to describe examples of bullying behaviour. These could include examples from the clip, but also the students' own ideas. Students could then discuss how all of these examples could make a person feel. Are these positive feelings? Would we want anyone in our class to feel this way?

Ask students to consider alternatives to this behaviour and list examples of friendly behaviour. Again, they could discuss how someone would feel if they experienced this type of behaviour. Students could then decide which type of behaviour they would like to choose for the playground. Posters could be made which read ‘We choose friendly behaviour because…’ and display pictures of happy, playing children.

Students could also reflect upon the advice given by the little girl in this clip. Telling a teacher or another adult you are being bullied should be reinforced.