A Roman soldiers takes us on a tour of a Roman barracks. We see where the soldiers ate and slept. They had a tough training schedule, including a 26 mile run every month. This clip also describes the reasons that the Romans left Britain and what happened to those who stayed behind.

First broadcast:
7 June 2007

Ask pupils to make lightning sketches of the Roman clothing they see in the clip. Pause the clip from time to time to let children take a closer look. After viewing, pupils could refine and improve their drawings, using a range of information sources to help them. Ask: "How many different people do you think would have been involved in making a Roman soldier's clothes and kit?" The children might list, for example: leather workers, weavers, dyers, armourers and weapon makers. Can pupils decide on a set of rules for how the game they see in the clip might have been played? They could go on to play their own version of the game, using stones as counters.