An explanation of why geographical profiling is an important tool in the fight against crime. Geographical profiling involves mapping crime and analysing patterns. Humans are predictable and mental maps show which locations criminals are likely to use. The 'least effort' principle can be applied to solving crime in that criminals will not travel further than they have to. Therefore, crimes usually occur in the criminal's locality.

This clip is from:
Mapping Crime
First broadcast:
22 February 2008

Can be used to discuss the use of geographic profiling in the fight against crime. Discuss the definition of geographic profiling. Explain how mapping and analysing patterns of crime can help to reduce crime. Explain why people are predictable and discuss the use of mental maps. Examine how mental maps show which areas criminals are going to use. Exaplin why criminals 'work' in areas they know and live in. Suggest reasons why crime generally occurs in areas near where criminals live.