Yonis lives in Coventry, but his family are from Somalia and he was born in Sweden. He is a Muslim and his religion is important to him. Yonis introduces himself and his family. He describes his nationality as Somali and British, although he was born in Sweden. At his school, more than 40 languages are spoken and his friends come from different racial backgrounds. He especially enjoys Friday afternoons when all the pupils can choose what activity to do. At home he leads family prayers and studies the Qur'an with his teacher. His faith helps to ground him. He interviews his family about Somalia, which he would like to visit one day.

First broadcast:
15 March 2010

You could ask the children to mime or draw and share something that they are good at. Reflect on what a range of talents there are in the class. You could use the analogy of a rainbow with its different colours together making something beautiful. Explore with the children what different languages are spoken in the class and the different countries of origin of the children or their families. What different religions are represented in the class? Reflect on the richness of the diversity of the class. You could then ask the children to think about what we all have in common and focus on one or two suggestions, for example feelings and the need to belong. The children could make a class rainbow sticking post-its of their talents, language, race or religion.