The Battle of the Atlantic, including vivid footage of an Atlantic convoy, and moving witness accounts. As storms and German U-boats took their toll on British merchant ships, the Butetown community in Cardiff was badly hit, as families lost loved ones to the war effort. Few communities in the country suffered more than the Butetown area, which was then one of Britain's busiest ports.

This clip is from:
The End of the Beginning
First broadcast:
22 October 2008

Students could consider how crucial they think the role of commercial shipping convoys were in the Battle of the Atlantic and how they contributed to the war effort. They could then investigate the reasons why Butetown suffered such heavy losses in the Battle of the Atlantic and look at the effect it had on Cardiff. Students could discuss the following statements from the clip: 1. I don’t think we will ever be able to repay our debt to the Merchant Navy. 2. We would never have survived without the Merchant Navy.