Mexico is a country in North America. It has a coast on two sides; the Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea in the east. Much of Mexico is covered by mountains, and the highest peaks are over 5,000 metres. The north of the country is dominated by deserts, and these regions receive so little rain that only a few specially adapted plants and animals can survive. In the centre lies its sprawling capital Mexico City. The south of Mexico is close to the equator so it has a tropical climate, and covered by vast rainforests with a huge diversity of plants and animals.

First broadcast:
8 June 2007

This clip is useful as an introduction to Mexico. The children could use the information in the clip to create a fact-file. They could be split into groups and given a part of the clip, for example mountains, deserts, Mexico City and so on to research in small groups and then peer teach the class. The clip could be used to compare Mexico to the UK.