Two time-travelling Romans visit a museum with Roman artefacts which are over 2,000 years old. The clip then explains and shows how the Roman army was a precise military machine. We are shown a Roman legionary, one of 5,000 soldiers in a legion, in full armour with a Gladius, a sword used in close combat, as well as other weapons. Some of the marching formations used by the Roman army are also shown.

First broadcast:
7 June 2007

Students could make sketches of the Roman clothing in this clip. After viewing, students could refine and improve their drawings, using a range of information sources to help them. How many different people would have been involved in making a Roman soldier's clothes and kit? Students might list, for example, leather workers, weavers, dyers, armourers and weapon makers.

Students could also research marching formations of the Roman army, and use this information as a stimulus to create their own.