Raimunda is from Lithuania and is starting school in England for the first time. She talks about why her family have come to England, and her thoughts about being in school for the first time. Raimunda is quite open about how she felt and how she made friends. Raimunda and her new best friend Rebecca talk together about how their friendship came about. The language barrier is discussed by them both in an honest and positive way.

This clip is from:
Focus, New Kid in the Class ep 2
First broadcast:
17 January 2008

You could ask the children to imagine that they are moving to another country and starting a school where they do not speak the language or know the customs. Working individually they could draw and write what the challenges might be for them and how they would feel. If you have any children from overseas in the class for whom English is a new language you could invite them to share their experience. You could discuss as a class what helps us to cope with change and in this instance the power of friendship. Why is it so important to have a friend? Reflect with the children on how we can be a good friend to others.