A short demonstration of the water cycle and the journey of a river. Includes an explanation of how water is stored in dams, and a look at the processes involved in treating water so it is safe to drink.

First broadcast:
14 January 2008

The clip could be used to help introduce children to the concept of the water cycle. After watching the clip, children could be asked to produce non-fiction texts explaining about the water cycle and they could create posters showing their understanding of the water cycle. Children could create a real life model of the water cycle, to help with their understanding. A plastic box with a lid and two levels built inside, with water on one side being heated by a lamp overhead and on the other side a 'mountain', sloping back to the water. Over the top of the mountain on the lid would be a petri dish of crushed ice. Children should see the water evaporate as it is heated by the lamp and be condensed by the ice before falling onto the 'mountain' and running back into the 'ocean'. The water could be mixed with blue food colouring to make this clear. Alternatively, the clip could be used to stimulate research into filtering of water and children could attempt to make a water filtration system in class, using different materials (for example sand, large and small stones, hessian sack, cotton samples).