Coastal erosion occurs when the sea wears away the land. A great deal of coastal erosion has taken place in the Holderness area on the east coast of England. Erosion is so dramatic here because the cliffs along the coast are made from boulder clay, which is soft and crumbly rock. Heavy rains and sea storms make the erosion worse.

First broadcast:
29 November 2007

Pupils might be inspired to write spoof newspaper articles describing the dramatic effects of erosion and weathering on the east coast of Holderness. They could even present their reports as a local TV news broadcast. This clip may also lead to a discussion on how coastal erosion on areas such as the Holderness area could be prevented or reduced. Pupils could research different methods of reducing coastal erosion and present them to their classmates, highlighting the effects on the environment. It may also be useful to follow this clip with other examples and case studies of coastal erosion.