The Swinden Quarry is a source of both visual and environmental pollution. Measures have been put in place to minimise this and the long-term restoration of the site is also being considered. Tourists can cause problems for local farmers and other land users. Some areas suffer from overcrowding during the tourist season and the related issues of traffic build up and pollution. It is part of the National Park Management Plan to consider different users and apply measures to resolve conflict.

First broadcast:
17 February 2001

This clip could also be used to play ‘keyword bingo’. The class are told the topic areas featured in the clip, pupils then each come up with keywords likely to be said and put them in a 3x3 grid: the first person to get two lines wins.

The clip is good as a discussion/debate starter on the aim of national parks, whether quarrying should be allowed and to what extent people should be limited from using national parks. It is also useful for identifying key groups of people that use national parks and then creating a mindmap of how they interact with each other.