On his way to school, a small boy is running late. As he enters the class, some of the boys are reciting Latin with the teacher and some are writing with quills and ink. He makes a mistake on his work and gets beaten with a birch branch.

First broadcast:
21 September 1998

The use of this clip may stimulate discussion in the class about a range of Tudor punishment, how it was carried out and by whom. Children may wish to investigate the timeline of corporal punishment in schools right up until it was banned in state schools in 1987. This could lead to links with members of their family or community who may have experienced corporal punishment. Children could plan and engage in debate about this topic within their classroom and investigate why and how punishment in schools ended. This clip could also act as stimulus for research into the differences between young boys and girls in Tudor times and how the gender differences between young people have closed in the years thereafter.