A film of a drowned village. The model was built in a TV studio to remind viewers of the drowning of Capel Celyn village in the Bala area in 1965. This village and the surrounding valley was drowned by Liverpool City Council in order to construct the Tryweryn reservoir despite widespread protests in Wales at the time. Before drowning Capel Celyn, the buildings were bulldozed and the cemetery removed to another area, so the film is misleading to a certain extent. It has been included here as it gives rise to an emotional response from the viewer, reflecting the feelings of the former villagers of Capel Celyn.

This is a clip that can be used when doing work based on Wales and its history. Students could be asked to respond to the clip and say what they think it is about, and encouraged to list adjectives that come to mind when viewing the clip. It offers the opportunity for learners to research Tryweryn's history, discuss the main incidents and express their personal opinion by writing a formal letter or article.