News footage of the terrorist bombing on 7 July 2005 highlights the number of people who were killed that day. Among the dead was a young woman, Jenny. Her mother, Julie Nicholson, was an ordained priest but quit her position because she could not forgive the suicide bomber who murdered her daughter. Julie justifies her stance by asserting forgiveness depends upon the guilty party requesting it. The person who killed her daughter is dead and so there's no relationship to be restored. She thinks Jenny would want her to lead a good life and not worry about forgiveness.

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Bitesize Secondary, RE

Students could record their own thoughts whilst watching the clip. After watching the clip, ask the students to consider the concept of Christian forgiveness and discuss questions on the subject. For example, should Christians forgive universally or only in certain situations? Do the students think it is fair that God allowed this girl to lose her life at this age, whilst she was a very active Christian? As Jenny was a practising Christian, do students think she would want her mother to live a good life and not worry about forgiveness?