Children go on a school trip to Les Calanques, Marseille, and explore the flora and fauna. Includes a description of Les Calanques and its special features in English. Children read a poster stating rules while in the area and then go with a teacher to investigate plants and sealife. They also take time to stand and listen.

This clip is from:
Being French
First broadcast:
6 March 2009

Pupils could discuss what the Calanques are, how they were formed and compare the limestone cliffs with other places in England. The clip could be paused to check the pupils understand the rules to protect the Calanques. Pupils could design their own signs in French to illustrate the rules. Pupils could perform their own listening exercise to focus on the language needed to describe their surroundings. Pupils could revisit commands and play 'Simon says'. Pupils can be asked to predict the name of the creatures they will find. Pupils can then draw and label them in French and watch to check what French children actually found.