Barnaby Bear goes badger watching and discovers that they love to eat leaves, fruit, worms and mice. The next day, Barnaby joins Sam and Jessica as they go for a walk in the forest looking for badger holes or setts. Badgers do not like moving and stay in the same sett for many years. There are laws to stop people harming badgers and their setts. Bridges and tunnels help to protect the badgers from traffic, while reflectors or mirrors along the side of the road help the badgers know when cars are coming.

First broadcast:
24 February 2007

Before watching this clip students could be asked to share any facts or ideas they have about badgers from their prior knowledge or experience. Their responses could be included on a large mind map all about badgers. After watching the clip the mind map could be extended to include all of the new facts that have been learned. Students could then be asked to organise their facts under headings such as habitat, food or behaviour. They could use this to write an informative report all about badgers.