A visit to the National Library of Wales which stands on a hill above Aberystwyth. It houses Wales' greatest treasures - manuscripts, books, pictures, maps, tapes and films. The clip traces the history of the White Book of Rhydderch.

This is a Welsh language clip.

This clip is from:
BBC Cymru, Dysgu

Use this clip to present the National Library when discussing Welsh culture. Students could be set a research task and asked to discover more about the National Library's role and the treasures kept there. There is an opportunity to set a listening and comprehension task based on the clip and to use it as a starting point for discussion on the library's importance to Wales. The clip can also be used within the theme of leisure. It offers an opportunity to start a discussion about the students' fondness of reading and their favourite books. The learners' favourite leisure activities could also be discussed. It offers the opportunity to ask students to read Welsh books and to set reading and comprehension tasks based on them.