The 'Weather Watchers' in Cumbria keep a weekly record of various aspects of the weather. They use a thermometer to measure the air temperature, an anemometer to measure the wind speed, a weather vane and compass to work out the direction of the wind, and a rain gauge to measure rainfall. They then record all their results on a computer.

This clip is from:
Primary Geography, Seasons
First broadcast:
27 April 2007

After watching the clip, the children could keep their own weekly or monthly weather diary. They could set up thermometers, rain gauges and weather vanes, and keep track of the weather over a period of a week or two weeks. These could be recorded in a class weather diary. The weather could be recorded across different seasons, and then children could compare and contrast how the weather altered across the year. To extend this, along with the weather diary, children could make observations about the types of animals they noticed about at each seasonal period, and what happened to plants and trees across the seasons. Children could also have a go at making their own weather vanes.