A look at China's unique population control measures - the one-child policy. Explores why it was seen to be needed and the problems caused by this measure, with regard to the life of one particular family.

First broadcast:
28 April 2006

This could be used as a case study on the policy to control population growth in China. Groups of students could research population change in China and other selected countries. They should use the data collected to graph their findings and to model predictions, suggesting consequences, reasons for intervention and alternative or possible courses of action. They could investigate population policies in selected countries, analysing their advantages and disadvantages using a positives/ minuses/ issues diagram. There are opportunities for role play and a debate on key questions relating to population control in contrasting countries at different levels of economic development, and in different social and cultural contexts. Students should then rank the countries and justify their choices. This could be part of a unit of work on population growth.