Ilan Volkov, Principal Guest Conductor with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, describes how the role of the conductor has developed through history. He also talks about why it is important to have an open mind when working with music and how essential it is to continue to learn and develop as your career progresses. This clip features the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra rehearsing Richard Strauss' symphonic poem, 'Don Juan'.

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14 September 2010

As a whole class, the students could learn an arrangement of a concerto. The parts should be differentiated for the students and should set a challenge for the chosen soloist, who may need the music in advance of the lesson. Different students should take the conducting role at different stages of the process: setting up, practising, rehearsing, adding expression and performing. The students should work as independently from the teacher as possible, and discussions between the conductors and the concerto soloist should be encouraged.