Extract from drama 'Turning Points STIs'. Teenager Bec talks to her friends about why she didn't ask her boyfriend to use a condom after he realised she was on the pill. Her boyfriend Peter discusses his worries about STIs with his friends. He is concerned he has AIDS, and his friend corrects him over some common misconceptions regarding HIV and AIDS. Peter's friend advises him to go to a clinic to get tested.

This clip is from:
Alcohol and Sex Education
First broadcast:
22 May 2009

This clip could be used to discuss myths and truths around STIs. Whilst watching, students could categorise the beliefs as true or false and discuss them. The characters mention a number of STIs. These could be classified as bacterial or viral by students and then the characters' fears can be discussed within these two contexts. Students could discuss why the male characters are scared of the GUM or sexual health clinic and likely treatment options discussed. Students could be provided with local information about sources of support for both contraception and STI diagnosis and treatment.