Poet and author Jackie Kay identifies the word "glaikit" as her favourite word. She reminisces about her Glaswegian childhood and describes Scots as a "great cauldron full of riches". She reads her poem 'Old Tongue', which laments the fact that those who move away from Scotland lose their Scottish words in the process. She says that she now has a nostalgic relationship with Scots as she lives in England. The poem communicates that people often miss the language of their homeland if they move away.

This clip is from:
Blethering Scots, 1
First broadcast:
20 June 2011

Encourage students to use Jackie Kay’s poem as a subject for a textual analysis. Focus on word choice and syntax. Students could highlight the words ‘wabbit’, ‘crabbit’, and ‘malkie’ and contrast what these words suggest when comparing with English words like ‘ghastly’, ‘awful’, and ‘gormless’.

The poem ‘Old Tongue’ is similar in tone to Liz Lochhead’s ‘Kidspoem/Bairnsang’ - students could listen to both and then compare and contrast them.
Students could write their own poem using Scots words and phrases.