The Story of Welsh looks at role of the Welsh language in the growth of non-conformist chapels in Wales as the established, Anglican church lost interest in the Welsh language.

This clip is from:
Brought to Book
First broadcast:
19 August 2008

Explore the role of religion in promoting the Welsh language with the students. Begin with an opinion line (agree/disagree) on the topic: all students should have to study Welsh in school. Take class views and then show the clip. Huw Edwards says that the chapels helped preserve the Welsh language but also suffocated it. What do students think he meant and do they agree? Ask students to research and give their opinion on the following: what percentage of the population speaks Welsh? What do the students think about the position of the Welsh language in Wales? Should all signs and notices be bilingual? What do they think students from other areas of Wales (eg Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Welshpool, Wrexham, Bangor) might think? Why do they think there might be differences of opinion?