A look at the work of the police dealing with trouble on the streets of Cardiff late on a Saturday night. The clip focuses on the social problems caused by the effects of overconsumption of alcohol, particularly amongst the young.

This clip is from:
Week In Week Out, Calling Time
First broadcast:
28 February 2006

Students could discuss the role of the police, focusing on the way they act as a means of social control. They could look at how other agencies control societal behaviour, and explore the concepts of informal/ formal control. They could also investigate statistics on street crime. Arrange a visit to a police station to discover more about the role of the police. A visit to a magistrates' court could also be organised. Ask learners to produce reports on the case observed. Invite a member of the criminal justice system into class to talk about his/ her role. As revision, students could evaluate the explanations of crime and deviance. They could write an article about Cardiff on a Saturday night to illustrate how moral panic might ensue, discuss the mechanisms of a moral panic and suggest solutions to the problems documented in the clip.