Conflicts of interest between Aberdeen Council and Aberdeen Harbour Authority are outlined. The port is described as a vital link for the oil, agriculture, paper and fishing industries. A proposal to build a wind farm near the entrance to the harbour jeopardises safe passage for vessels so the Harbour Authority would object. The scheme to build a new harbour control building did not require planning permission but the Harbour Authority did notify the council planning committee of its proposal. Council plans to build flats close to the harbour are in conflict with the 24-hour nature of the harbour's workings.

First broadcast:
17 October 2007

Use as a stimulus for an urban land conflict study, particularly one around transport and communication. Students should consider that conflict resolution can have an impact far beyond the local area and local community. In this case, the harbour is a vital hub for a wide hinterland, so changes affecting the harbour will have impact on a wide range of industry and agriculture.