How to order children according to their age using a number line, finishing with a catchy song about ordering numbers. The children queuing up to go on a slide are 6, 9, 5, 7 and 0 years old. The children are put in order from youngest to oldest. You could also line the children up on a number line with 0 being at the start as the smallest number. By looking at the children on a number line you can see the gaps in their age clearly.

First broadcast:
11 May 2007

This activity can help to introduce the size of number and how they can be ordered. Various follow up activities using numbers on a washing line can be conducted: asking children to hang numbers up from smallest to largest, largest to smallest, guess the missing number, decide what number should go next, and so on. During playtime, children could be challenged to order friends from different classes by their ages or to order their family members by age. Children could go on to stand in order of shoe size or how much pocket money they receive.