Barnaby Bear is at Poole beach. He talks to a lifeguard about the dangers of the sea and learns that red and yellow flags indicate whether it is safe to swim. Barnaby is invited to play with some children in an inflatable boat but he feels like relaxing so he has a sleep instead. When he wakes up, the children are drifting out to sea in their dinghy. Barnaby dials 999 and informs the coastguard. A lifeboat is launched from Poole lifeboat station and the children are rescued. Barnaby decides that boating can be dangerous as well as fun.

First broadcast:
17 February 2007

Before watching the clip, children could discuss what a lifeguard is and what job they do. They could discuss the types of things lifeguards could be called upon to do. The children could also think about any potential hazards they may come across if they went to the beach. After watching the clip, children could think about creating a poster about the potential hazards that people may face when going to the beach and they could also create an instruction manual, detailing to people what to do in case of an emergency, linking well with Literacy. Children could role-play the rescue of someone in trouble at the beach, and could write a short play to perform to the rest of the class.