This is a compilation of images of a variety of magnets and springs used in day-to-day life. Includes a trampoline, car suspension, hole punch, playing with magnets, weighing scales and many more.

Note: There is no narration in this clip.

First broadcast:
9 October 2007

This clip can be used to look at the forces of magnetism and gravity. You could show the clip and stop after each scene showing people jumping up and down on trampolines or springs. Why do they come down again instead of floating into orbit? Maybe present the children with statements about either magnetism or gravity, eg "I attract everything" or "I attract only metal", "I only pull down” or "I can also pull up" and ask them to link the statements either to gravity or magnetism. You could hand out magnets and paper clips and ask the children to make chains. At what point do the paper clips fall down? How does this relate to magnetism or gravity?