Mirwatna is an expert didgeridoo maker. We follow him as he takes his nephew, Ivan, out into the bush and looks for a hollow tree from which to make a didgeridoo. He explains how the termites have hollowed out the tree trunk, and breaks open a termite mound in order to show us the creatures. He takes the hollow trunk back to the village where he turns it into a didgeridoo, explaining it's cultural significance. He teaches Ivan how to play it and then goes to a local pool with the children from the village where the children dance to the sound of Mirwatna playing the didgeridoo.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Primary, Australia
First broadcast:
25 March 2010

Discuss with the class that musical instruments can be made out of anything and compare with Western ones. Using a low pitched sound, children could imitate the didgeridoo, whilst using claves to represent the sticks. They could make their own using different types of tubing, decorate them and then make up a Aboriginal dance.