A comparison of the existence of child labour in developing countries today with its historical use in the coal and iron industries in Blaenavon in Victorian Wales. Features a discussion on the issue with the MP Paul Murphy, following on from news reports highlighting the problem.

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8 November 2007

In class, investigate globalisation and its impact on countries at different levels of development. Relate this to trade, interdependence, the growth of air travel, global media and the internet. Research with the students a large Multinational Corporation (MNC) to highlight the global operation involved. Set up a class debate on the positive and negative impacts within the context of economic, social and environmental parameters. Ask students to examine the role of the G8 and WTO (World Trade Organisation). Highlight the difference between MEDCs (consuming) and LEDCs (producing). Propose a research project on how Newly Industrialised Countries (NICs), such as China and India, have benefited from globalisation.