The BBC National Orchestra of Wales, plays 'Soul Bossa Nova'. There is an opportunity for students to listen to the orchestra play this well-known piece of music and to watch the members of the orchestra having fun with their instruments. The clip is supported by Makaton signing and Widgit symbols and is suitable for children with special educational needs (SEN).

First broadcast:
4 May 2011

Use this clip as an introduction to this well-known Brazilian music style which incorporates classical guitar, piano and percussion as its main instruments. The rhythm has a lively, 'swaying' feel which is a great stimulus for rengagement and interaction with the music. 'The Soul Bossa Nova' has a distinctive beat which, after some repeat playings, could be identified by the children. Activities to respond to the beat and rhythm can be structured within the group. One student starts a beat by tapping on a part of their body and, without using words, everyone copies that person's action. When the teacher points at another student, the new person starts a beat on a different part of their body. This can be developed to choose pupils to lead all the group in a sequence of movements to the beat of the Bossa Nova, for example clapping their hands, stamping their feet, turning around, side-stepping and clapping again, if mobility allows. Extend this activity by the use of different signs, for example, start/ go and stop/ freeze. Lead the pupils in experimenting with using levels while they move around the room, high (stretching up), medium (walking normally) and low (crouching or crawling).