In Scots Scuil, a Scots language workshop, singer Emily Smith plays a traditional song named ‘Beggar Man’ to showcase Scots music. Nadia, Sandie and Milly brainstorm lyrics with Emily before guitarist Jamie puts their words to music.The verses focus on each girl’s home life and how speaking Scots unites them.

This clip is from:
Scots Scuil
First broadcast:
24 January 2012

Students could brainstorm what makes them unique and gives them an identity. Are there specific words or phrases, or even places, which are important to them specifically? Students could use this to create a list of words and write a poem or lyrics for a song.

Challenge students to develop a verse, based on each person in the group which mentions their interests and achievements. Students could finish the song or poem by writing a chorus about what the group have in common and all sing it together. They could then perform the song publicly.