Is Tommy Johnson really the right person to be looking after his neighbour Isa on her first day at school 100 years ago? Compare their day to what your school is like today. Meet their teacher as he tells Isa what behaviour he expects in his school. They chant their multiplication tables, eat bean soup and dumplings for dinner, study poetry and learn the countries of the British Empire. But is Tommy really as naughty as his teacher thinks or does he have a clever reason for his behaviour in class?

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This animation could precede a class or school World War One day where the children and staff could live their day as they would have 100 years ago. Afterwards, children could comment in a discussion that compares and contrasts schools now and then. Can children do World War One maths using imperial measures: ounces and pounds, or pints, quarts and gallons. Dictionaries and other sources have comparative charts of weights and measures. Children can check their results using online conversion calculators. Children might make a model 1914 classroom, using a shoebox or photocopy paper box for a base. Encourage the children to add typical features, items of furniture and equipment. Using the animation as a stimulus, the children could write a diary for the day as if they are Tommy or Isa.