Dr Henry Gaulter's cholera map led him to believe housing played a role in the spread of cholera in parts of Britain. He interviews residents of back-to-backs.

The voice-over explains why this type of housing was built, the rapid urbanisation as people came from villages for work, and why back-to-backs were a haven for infectious disease.

This clip is from:
History, Medicine through Time
First broadcast:
27 June 2007

This clip will provide students with an overview of the role of Dr Henry Gaulter in solving the Manchester Cholera epidemic. Students will be able to gather information on the living conditions in the back-to-back housing and the connection between this and the spread of disease. Students will be able to examine and discuss the role of profiteering in the construction of the back-to-backs and contrast this with Gaulter's sense of social conscience. They could then contrast this with the role of the modern government in housing provision.