A look at the levels of educational attainment in south Wales, focusing on a school in one of Cardiff's most deprived areas - Ely. The headmaster is interviewed on attainment figures in the school, with a focus on relevant factors such as area, labelling, social class and the home culture.

This clip is from:
Week In Week Out, Back to School
First broadcast:
15 February 2011

The class could discuss the meaning of the term 'educational attainment', and why some students cope better in school than others. Students could investigate and compare attainment figures for three schools in different areas, eg middle class, rural, urban. Learners could explore the differences between private and state schools in terms of attainment, fees and facilties. As a revision exercise, students could outline and explain the effects of social class and poverty on educational attainment, and distinguish between the effects of cultural and material factors. They should discuss whether factors that are external to the school are responsible for underachievement in education by the working class. They could also consider whether the success of a school can be measured by GCSE results alone.