Barnaby Bear rides his bike along the banks of the River Thames. He meets Alistair, a river warden, who is looking for mussels and snails. Alistair explains how these creatures eat dirt and muck from the bottom of the river. At a wetland area Barnaby and some children look at a pond snail, dragonfly larvae, worms, a beetle and a crayfish. These creatures like to live in the reeds which also make important nesting sites for birds.

This clip is from:
Barnaby Bear, The River Thames
First broadcast:
14 March 2007

Prior to watching this clip, the pupils could carry out some fieldwork of a different habitat depending on what is located near to the school grounds. Suggestions include pond, woodland or hedgerow. They can make first-hand observations and recordings about the wildlife that inhabits their chosen habitat. This could be developed further by additional research from books, pictures or the internet. Once fieldwork is completed pupils should be shown the clip. They can then record all the wildlife they are shown or told about that inhabits the Thames. This work could then be completed with the pupils comparing and contrasting the two habitats on a Venn diagram.