A young girl who was being bullied by her friend explains how eventually she found the courage to confide in a teacher and how the situation was dealt with. Since then the bully has seen the error of her ways and as a result is now a friendly, pleasant and polite person who everybody likes.

This clip is from:
Watch, Bullying
First broadcast:
19 November 2007

Talk about what things in this clip tell us that she got bullied? What things did the bully do to hurt this little girl? Some were physical (the slap) and some were also emotional (name calling and bossing her around). Have a discussion about different types of bullying. How do we know it is bullying? Have the discussion about what bullying can look like. How did the little girl stop the bully? Where can the children go in their school to talk about being bullied? Also what should you do if you see someone being bullied. Talk about the responsibility of the witness.
How did the bully change? Talk about choices we all have and how we should treat each other. Also that no matter how naughty you may have been you can always change for the better just like the bully did in this clip. You could also look from the perspective of the bully ...is anything happening to the bully that is making her be a bully?