Presenter Kirsten O'Brien shows how to record the physical features of an area on to a 2D map using painting and sketching. She then uses this to create 3D images of memorable places and landmarks. This is a simple technique for a range of abilities and ages in field work.

First broadcast:
5 March 2010

Simple mapping forms an essential part of developing spatial awareness for younger children in its most basic forms. This activity could be adapted to any age or ability level to create anything from very basic sketch plans to more complex aerial maps showing key places and landmarks in greater detail. Local area maps could be simplified so that, for example, classes following a route near school can identify and plot key buildings and landmarks en route. Drawings could be replaced with simple 3D junk models on a larger hand-drawn map in class. This could be extended to give some idea of scale, without getting overly technical, as well as showing children landmarks familiar to them in relation to each other. This is also an ideal introduction to navigating a local area and making connections between known places and buildings which the children may previously have thought unconnected.