Yu Jun wants to study but tradition dictates she can't because she's a girl, so she dresses as a boy and goes to school. There she meets Liang and falls in love. Liang visits her and discovers the truth, that she is a girl. They fall in love and he asks her father for her hand in marriage. Her father refuses and Liang, realising he cannot have Yu Jun, becomes ill and dies. Yu Jun is determined to be with her only love - what will she do to be with him again?

This clip is from:
German and Spanish
First broadcast:
10 March 2009

This clip could be used to introduce romantic story telling vocabulary. Students could stage a romantic scene with two characters confessing their love for each other using words and phrases from the clip. Students could first read the lines but also be encouraged to learn the text by heart. Students could be given romantic sentences and words in Spanish as well as words that would be used in an argument. Students could mark these with a smiling or frowning face to indicate the nature of the language. Note: an English version of this story is available with the title 'The Butterfly Lovers' (animation).